Distribution of Security Systems, Air Conditioning, Communications


MT TECHNO is engaged in distribution of electronics, that is an important business sector of MT Group Holding.

Distribution of Electronics - MT TECNO

Three basic trends:

  • Communication Systems - Supply of equipment for various types of office communication systems. ATS connection, programming, installation of communication lines, constructing of portable DECT networks, service, consulting for end users, ATS installers support.
  • Security Systems - Supply of equipment for security systems: video, access, alarm. Engineering design and installation of integrated security systems, musical and sound annunciators, terrestrial and sattellite TV, dispatching systems.
  • Climate Control Systems - Wholesale supply, engineering design, sale and installation of air conditioners, heat and ventilation equipment for various kinds of premises: from residential to industrial.
Distribution of Electronics - MT TECNO

Among direct MT TECHNO partners are major manufacturers of electronics - Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Bosch and others. On the basis of MT TECHNO successfully operates Federal Technical Center Panasonic.